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Leading talent acquisition company bangalore – Peepal Consulting

Strategic Advisory

Analysis, strategy, planning & execution, performance monitoring, impact assessment.

Market Intel

What you need IS what we havefrom Talent mapping to Competitor Analysis.

Assessment Solutions

Cloud Based Assessment Platform partners that helps asses candidates on Technical, Aptitude, Written Communication, Psychometric testing.

Candidate Engagement

Candidate engagement starts from the very beginning, we have a multistage pre and post offer plan in place.

Employer Branding

Strategizing & Advisory be it either on channels, pricing, recruiters pitchclient presentation for candidates etc.

Framing JD's

Candidates build impressions of the employer by the way the Job Description is framed, how it looks and what it communicates. We help you make it informative yet simple, clean yet appealing.

Domain Experts

We have over a decade experience in hiring Technology, Analytics & Quant professionals which has enabled us to build substantial teams that deliver against exceptionally high standards.

Service Quality

Post Offer Follow Up (POFU) :Upto 90% of offered candidates join

Augmented Client Engagement (ACE): This process ensures reduction in gaps and gives scope for improvement.

Streamlined Sourcing Process (SSP): All resumes are stored and their status is tracked on our ATS.


Speed - Upto 35% Reduction in Total Recruitment Time
COST - Upto 30% Reduction in Total Cost Per Hire
PROCESS EXCELLENCE - Upto 25% Efficiency Gain in Every Trackable Recruitment Metric
END TO END SOLUTION - From Market Mapping to Candidate Engagement.


Planning & Execution
Performance Monitoring
Impact Assessment

Leading Talent Acquisition Company Bangalore

Market IntelBuyersinn.comPeepal consulting is a leading talent acquisition company bangalore.