Your Skills Matter, Don’t Throw Them Away

We live in exciting times, times when you have access to self-improvement tools around the clock. Therefore, becoming a specialist is really nothing more than a matter of will and time.Specializing in medicine or engineering requires perseverance, a good sound base of scientific knowledge, and the time to pursue what is a rather difficult trade in the first place.  Yet, mastering a coding language isn’t as hard as it seems. All you need is the syntax, and before long, you can change your profession as pretty much anything and become a junior coder. Coding is pretty much like solving puzzles and being willing to go the extra mile to analyze why two pieces just won’t fit.

solving a puzzle

There is much to be a coder that will make you free and secure you a job for the future. Yet, you needn’t actually worry about mastering the trade. With this little footnote aside, it’s now time to take a look at your passion and your skills. We are at a particular time in the 21st century where engineering and maths aren’t as dominating as they would be by mid-century, so you can pursue your passions any way you see fit.

Ask Yourself, What Would You Like to Do?

The surest way to know what you want to do is to ask yourself directly – what is that makes you happy and gives you a reason to get out of bed? Some people feel inclined to many trades, but few actually pursue them. A person could be fascinated with math, drawing and writing all at the same time, but to truly know if he or she wants to find a profession in any of these trades, they would need to actually spend some time studying them.  It makes sense to focus on a profession or a particular skill that makes sense financially, can be taught quickly and takes relatively small financial upkeep – that’s why coding is often the go-to response, with not all coders being too talented, to begin with, but honing their skills on the job and through sheer perseverance.

Once you answer the question of what you want to do, though, and can plan some meaningful future or way to realize your skill, it’s time to start digging and sinking your teeth deep in it. Drawing, for example, can be channelled into many different professions, including but not limited to:

  • Graphic designer
  • 3D artist 
  • Web designer
  • Painter

Sure, these all have their challenges, and we are talking about an oversaturated market, but still, you can make it work if you feel truly passionate about it. You can draw pretty much anything – whether it’s a video game or a casino website. If you are not quite sure how, you can just go to the appropriate website and find out more: for more information, click here. The important thing is to do something that you truly enjoy.

Every Skill Can Be Channeled into Something Meaningful 

This is actually quite true. You may be thinking – in the age of Google Translate, it’s probably pointless to have mastery of two or three languages. Well, hold on to that thought, because humans do things with the written language that is considered quite respectful and a necessary skill in modern society.  Whether you are a reporter or a writer, or even a copywriter, your master of the written word is a powerful ally in today’s world. You may still go unnoticed amid more skill-hungry professions, but either way, your skills will matter. If you have got to the point where your skills are noticeably good, you will have your answer as to what it is you want to do.

So why veer off the true path you have found for yourself and pursue something else? If you get zero satisfaction from using language, teaching or especially writing, a more tech-focused profession might be a better fit for you. Yet, you shouldn’t rule out your talents and use them instead to work towards your goal, which would most likely have to do with picking a new skill. The financial security you can derive from something you are already good or excelling at, though, is hard to replicate in a new field of expertise when you are only getting started.

More importantly, though, your skills are relevant and do matter. The only thing you would have to change to move forward into the future on firm footing is to remind yourself that regrets are unnecessary. Why say “I should have studied harder” when you can actually study hard right now.