4 Secrets For Learning A Foreign Language In No Time

Many people live in areas where they can get to learn two languages since their early childhood. For example, Switzerland, India, Canada, Hong Kong, Morocco, and a lot of other African countries. It’s for sure a big piece of luck when you can learn languages since your first days in this world, but for all the others learning a foreign language is much more complicated.

Feeling Like A “Citizen Of The World”

First of all, the most essential condition to be entirely devoted to learning a foreign language is that you should consider yourself as part of the world, not only of your country or region. As long as you can see yourself as a member of a larger environment – which is the entire planet – you’ll be able to see learning languages as a more natural process.

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The fact is that most students consider learning a language only a “school subject” and this doesn’t help them at all reaching any form of success. They will consider that foreign language they are studying as a subject for getting school marks or a degree, missing all the beauty and charm of learning it for the pleasure of feeling part of a larger community of people. Imagine that you want to join a forum on the web, but you can’t because the people there speak a foreign language. Or, imagine that you want to chat with someone who can’t speak English. Both situations show you that being able to speak a foreign language (at least one!) comes very handful. Not everyone can speak English enough fluently to perform a conversation or a live chat, although most websites are available in the English language. For example, if you visit our website, you’ll see that the English language is offered along with a lot of different languages… because we offer a worldwide available service to international gamblers who are located in all corners of this planet.

India is actually one of the recent additions in the international gambling industry, traditionally led by Las Vegas and a few European cities like Venice, Paris, Monaco. Also, educated Indians can speak English beyond their native language.

Advice For Learning A Language Successfully

Everyone who can speak a foreign language has been in the same shoes as you. They had to study a lot, they made their mistakes (it’s normal, it happens even to the best ones), but they could succeed in the end. We’ve gathered a bunch of precious secrets about learning a foreign language rapidly… just get them all to improve:

Sound and pronunciation


This aspect of a language may require a lot of time, especially if it’s a very different language from your native one. Don’t hesitate to dedicate patience and motivation to understand the vocabulary and the structure of the sentences, but make sure to put special effort into pronunciation. You should sound correct to the natives’ ears. So, watch videos with people having a dialogue. Stop it and repeat the sentences over and over, until you are sure about their sounds.

Read as often as you can
One of the most effective ways to learn a language is reading. Look on the web what you can find to read that fits your level of learning. Begin with very easy pieces and then move on to more complicated. While reading, your brain stores a lot of information like sentence structures, associations between verbs and nouns, and so on. Moreover, your knowledge of that language will grow in all pleasure.

Basic grammar
Learning a set of grammar rules doesn’t help that much if you don’t have a clue of how to use those rules. That’s why reading offers you a practical overview of the ways you should use certain structures, verb tenses, and others. Instead of spending a ton of hours on rules, focus on how the language works. Try to understand its logical connections, its word order (if any), the grammatical value of verbs (which is almost always different).

Start slow, speed up gradually
If you want to learn a language quickly, you should start slow. It’s not a contradiction! You’ll speed up gradually, day after day, as long as you feel you can absorb and learn more concepts at one time. It’s not about how much time you take, but how you can use your time.

Remember to always review the previous lesson at the beginning of a new one as recalling past concepts works to strengthen the logical associations your brain naturally created for them. Also, it would be great if you could have someone native of the language that you are learning for practising real conversations and becoming fluent and self-confident when speaking that language.